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BYL Values

Practice hard

At all levels, the boys will be challenged to push themselves and learn something new every time they pick up their lacrosse stick.  

We realize mistakes will be made, regardless of experience. It's a fundamental part of learning. Like with most things in life though, practice is what makes you better. With this in mind, the main thing we ask from all players is a commitment to be present and to try your best at each and every practice.

Have fun

Our goal is to structure practices that offer age-appropriate training and engagement. Younger levels are oriented around introducing boys to lacrosse in a fun and safe environment where they can make friends, learn the basics, become exposed to teamwork, and build confidence.

Play does become more competitive at the older levels. That said, we maintain a philosophy of having fun while working hard. While we play to win, it's not at the cost of players enjoying the experience.

Having fun also means seeking to place each player at a level that best suits his ability and experience when we have multiple teams at an age group. Why? Because we believe the boys progress and enjoy the sport more when they are playing with and against peers at similar levels. To expose players to different perspectives though, we also actively work to offer everyone an opportunity to drill and practice with players at varying levels.

Focus on team

Lacrosse by nature requires teamwork. In addition to giving 110%, players who truly add value to a team are ones who cooperate with one another, positively support others, take responsibility for their actions, and stay positive in times of challenge. By presenting ourselves as one team, no matter what, we raise the performance bar for everyone. As an association we aim to promote these values by teaching the boys to display self-discipline and be positive role models.

Openly communicate

BYL strives to be fair and transparent in its operations, and seeks to have an open line of communication with families. We welcome your feedback and constructive ideas. We also encourage you and your player to approach coaches, as well as the BYL Board with any questions you may have. 

We believe potential issues can be avoided or resolved through effective communication. As such, unless the severity of the action warrants immediate action, we ask you to wait 24 hours before approaching the team coach or BYL Board with a critique or concern.

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